Monday, November 16, 2009

Competency #6 Project Muse Database

This is the final database for my database searching competencies.

Database: Project Muse

Research Question:
What is the correlation (if any) between technology rich school libraries/media centers and student achievement?

Search Strategy: Building Block

1. I logged into the database Project Muse and entered the search terms:
"technology" and "learning"

Results: 6993 records were retrieved- I must reduce my recall and get higher precision.

2. I searched within the 6993 records adding the term:
"media center"

Results: 2000 records were retrieved - I need to continue to narrow my results.

3. I searched within the 2000 records by adding the term:

Results: 1384 records were retrieved - I still need higher precision.

4. I searched within the 1384 records by adding the term:

Results: 70 records were retrieved. I reviewed these records by reviewing the brief description provided by the database. I discovered 6 records that warranted further investigation. Upon a full review of these 6 records, I found no information that I had not found in previous searches.


I think the "search within these results" feature is highly beneficial when attempting to receive precise information. It makes the building block strategy an excellent strategy to use with this particular database. Since I have been conducted other searches in other databases, this particular venture was not as fruitful as others I have done; however, I believe this would have made a productive starting place.

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