Saturday, October 3, 2009

LibraryLiterature/BIP Competency

I conducted two searches, one on LibraryLiterature and the other one on BIP for the general topic of teacher-media specialist collaboration. This is the same search that I conducted previously on ERIC and WorldCat. My most current searches were a little more focused than my first searches since I have been working on the project longer. For these two more current searches, I started with LibraryLiterature. Below are my search steps including my results.

Database search: LibraryLiterature
Topic: teacher media specialist collaboration

1. I entered the terms teacher and media specialist and collaboration as all smart searches, but placed all three terms in a separate field. I received the results of 115 records.
2. Just to see how it would affect my results, I decided to do the same search, but place all three terms in one field separated by the word "and." To my surprise, I received exactly the same 115 records in the exact same order. Ididn't realize that either way is the same search function. I thought there might be a difference since this is an option, but I was wrong. Either way, the search engine functions identically.
3. I decided that I only wanted peer reviewed items, so I narrowed my search and received 22 results. These results seemed to be across too broad of a spectrum for my purposes.
4. So, I used the same parameters, but limited it further to middle school. This resulted in only one record dating 1997. I really wanted something more current.
5. Next, I removed "middle school" since it was too limiting and limited the dates to a range of 2000-2009. The results were 17 records.
6. I reviewed all 17 records and found five to further explore.
7. From this five, I choose:

Russell, S. (June 2002). Teachers and librarians: Collaborative relationship. Teacher Librarian, 29(5), p. 35-8.

Database search: BIP
teacher media specialist collaboration

I conducted a quick search using the combined terms teacher media specialist and collaboration. I also selected the parameters: in print, forthcoming, and book. I received the results of 22 records.
2. From this 22, I selected 12 to further view specifically looking for availability and synopsis of information contained in each one.
3. I found two records that looked promising, but when I was trying to view only these two records, I clicked on something that landed me completely out of BIP and had to start over.
4. Fortunately, I had recorded my steps, so retracing my progress was easy, and I quickly found the two records.
5. Upon a closer review of the two, I believe that both will be beneficial. They are:

Bishop, K. (2003). Connecting libraries with classrooms: The curricular roles of the library media specialist. Linworth Publishing.

Jansen, B. (2007). The Big6 in middle school: Teaching information and communications technology skills. Linworth Publishing.

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