Friday, September 25, 2009

As part of a class project, I must provide a written rationale for the inclusion of certain elements in the project. One element is the need for school librarian and teacher collaboration in the area of teaching technology. I must have references from professional literature to support my project. I conducted two searches one on Eric/FirstSearch and another on WorldCat. I found two citations that will be helpful for my project. They are:

From Eric/FirstSearch -
Corey, L. (2002). The role of the library media specialist in standards-based learning. Knowledge Quest. 31(2), 21-23.

From WorldCat -
Morris, B. (2009). Principal support of media specialist and teacher collaboration: A research study. Educational Media and Technology Yearbook. 34, 291-310.

I began my search in Eric/FirstSearch by using the keywords teacher librarian collaboration. I also narrowed my search by the years 2001-2009 because I wanted the most recent information. This search resulted in 154 records. I wanted to further narrow the results, so I included the keyword technology. This time I received 35 results. Looking at the article titles reminded me of a term that is more frequently used which is media specialist, so I changed my keywords to teacher media specialist collaboration and technology. This search netted nine records. From this list, I found the above citation.

My second search was conducted on WorldCat. I decided to begin my search by limiting my results to articles only, and I used the keywords teacher media specialist collaboration. I received no results. I removed the articles only feature and tried again. This time I received six records. None of them were helpful. Since I wasn't having much success, I decided to try a subject and keyword search. I used technology as the subject and media specialist as the keyword. This search yielded 37 records. To further narrow this search, I selected only articles, and this narrowed the search to seven, but none were helpful. I then decided to switch my subject to media specialist and my keyword to technology. This time I received an amazing 187 hits. Once again, I then limited these results to articles only and found nine results. From this nine, I found the above cited article. I was quite surprised to see the difference when I merely switched my subject and keyword. The two articles that I found should be helpful for my project.

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